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Apar Innosys is a leading provider of information technology and consulting services and dedicated to helping the world's leading companies build stronger, new age, digital businesses. It is a crime, according to us, to not innovate or to deliver what is just enough.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

For solutions that need deployment of hardware, software, mobile apps, cloud hosting, IT infrastructure and Support; company-wide, call us.

IoT, Big Data and AI

IoT, Big Data and AI

Combining real-time sensor data with environmental data we provide intelligence of higher order to all the stakeholders in the ecosystem.



We perform device validation like display test, audio test, Docking Stations, Bluetooth devices, HDD, Backup and Recovery, and Thunderbolt devices.

Application Development

Application Development

Planning to modernize your applications? Stuck against a complex problem? Need to integrate multiple and scattered applications? Let us know.

Engineering SolutionsWe work for Perfect design.

Our environmental surveillanc system was made for a complex need, for a complex environment. By the time we had executed the project, it had turned out to be a simple but clever solution, even ingenious to some extent.


Our Solutions


We cover the entire spectrum of IoT projects, from concept validation to providing an end-to-end IoT solution, including patforms and AI processors.


Big Data implies data analytics and data analytics implies AI processing. Bring to your domain the power of Big data processing with AI tools.


For a competitive edge, a robust, agile, always-available IT infrastructure in necessary to meet rapid growth in applications, platforms and new devices


When your project is one of Governance and implied security, you are best advised to talk to us. We can lead you in the right direction and save on costs.


Across decades, we have estabished ourselves as leaders in product testing using and building a variety of test automation tools.


Applications for the web, for devices and for a wide range of domains. This is one of our specialities. Scalable

Our Services

It hardly stops here.

What We Offer

Apar Innosys Logistic


Internet of Things
  • Logistics and fleet management is all about collecting numerous field parameters and processing them along with peripheral and ambient data to arrive at conclusions on what needs to be done to gear up the fleet and its cargo. Our IoT solution can neatly cater here.

Apar Innosys Manufacturing


Internet of Things
  • Manufacturing facilities invariably generate a lot of sensor data that cannot be handled by humans or traditional computer systems. For instance, power consumption data will come from thousands of places and it is a tough question on how this data can be used to save costs.

Apar Innosys Environmental

Environmental Monitoring

Internet of Things
  • Monitoring environmental parameters, both natural and artificial, like power, temperature, door status, etc. also is a complec process governing large and scattered installations like elevators, ATMs and communicaion towers. Our IoT solution handles this large and complex data to produce action outputs.

Apar Innosys Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

  • Leave it to us to plan, commission and manage cloud hostings where scalability and availability cannot be compromised. Working with the best of service providers we ca get you going nefore you even realize it. We will stick to your costs and conditions.

Apar Innosys Managed Service

Managed Services

  • Do you have large and scattered installations that need to be managed on a 24 x 7 basis? We can not only equip these sites with automated monitoring and control tools but can also manage them on you behalf. Setting up call centers, manning and runing them will all be our responsibility.

Apar Innosys Service Desk

Service Desk

  • Starting from just a few voice-in seats to complex video-wall fitted service desks, we can set up all kinds of Service Desks to suit your requirements and budget. After a detailed study of your requirements we will propose to you the most optimal solution to go with your terms.

Apar Innosys Support


  • Application Packaging, Development-Test-Acceptance-Production, DevOps, Enterprise Mobility, Database Management and Application Management are some of the services we render. Inadequate monitoring and tracking tools and lack of expertise make it difficult to effectively manage business-critical applications.

Apar Innosys Device Testing

Device Testing

Testing & Automation
  • We are equipped to perform a wide range of testing including Manual Testing, Functional Testing, Compatibility Testing, Performance Testing, Stress testing, Regression Testing, Website Testing, Automated Testing. A large dedicated test team is available across several countries.

Apar Innosys Software Testing

Software Testing

Testing & Automation
  • We do static and dynamic testing and also box testing like White-box, Black-box and Grey-box testing. Testing levels include Unit, Component interface, System and Operational acceptance testing. We use Traditional waterfall development model as well as Agile or Extreme development model

Apar Innosys Test Automation

Test Automation

Testing & Automation
  • INSPINIA Admin Theme is a premium admin dashboard template with flat design concept. It is fully responsive admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 3+ Framework, HTML5 and CSS3, Media query. It has a huge collection of reusable UI components and integrated with.

Apar Innosys Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Governance & Security
  • Cyber risk features among the top business risks for most organizations, requiring them to adapt to the ever evolving threat landscape proactively. Innosys cyber security consulting practice helps organizations assess their security posture and remediate potential cyber threats.

Apar Innosys Hacking

Intrusion and Hacking

Governance & Security
  • Intrusions into computer systems are real threats to businesses, especially loss of sensitive data like commercial tenders, customer data files, drawings, models, diagrams and e-mails. Intrusions often leave traces that we can detect, just like in any other crime.

Apar Innosys ISMS


Governance & Security
  • Innosys information security services protect your business from data breaches, negative publicity, damaged credibility and disruption of services. We deliver world-class offerings, security knowledge and experience to provide you with comprehensive information security.

Apar Innosys Risk

Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

Governance & Security
  • We identify and measure information security risks in your organization. We first identify the steps to a Secure Organization, define a strategy, establish security policies, implement a security system, create awareness amongst users and finally monitor results

About Us

All about Innovation, People and Technology

Apar Innosys is a leading provider of information technology and consulting services and dedicated to helping the world’s leading companies build stronger, new age, digital businesses.

Today’s customers and employees are expecting a new style of commerce, content and collaboration that’s social-, mobile-, analytics-, and cloud-enabled. They’re looking for the same anytime, anywhere, and any-device convenience across applications. Traditional business processes, business models and even entire industries are being disrupted as products and services become ever-more digitized. This trend is placing new requirements and burdens on the corporation in terms of being able to collect, manage and interpret this information to support effective business decision-making.

Apar Innosys expertise helps corporations in deployment of SMAC-enabled applications and infrastructure with attention to three key areas: developing core skills around supporting the new work style of their customers and employees, understanding how to assess business processes for digital transformation, and, finally, addressing the upcoming information inflection point. Our teams accomplish this not only by dealing with the sheer scale and velocity of our customers’ data streams by focusing on retooling the infrastructure and developing intelligent analytics to make smart decisions related to this information in addition to routine transaction processing.

More about Apar Innosys...

Apar Innosys is a part of the Apar Group, a billion dollar industrial conglomerate and managed by Basil Partners, a successful technology venture fund.

Technology Consulting

Headquartered in Singapore we partner with the IT industry to provide comprehensive cutting edge technology and business solutions. We aims to be a premier international software services and solutions company by providing the best value to clients, employees and associates in an honest, open and ethical environment.

Apar Innosys is one of Asia Pacific’s leading organizations, providing technology consulting, software development and outsourcing services, with operations in 6 countries and development centers in Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and India.

As AI’s vision grows, its ability to deliver uncompromising value to the world increases. When it comes to ensuring product value, AI stands its ground and delivers only the finest most scrutinized products to its clients With the most sophisticated technology at everyone’s fingertips, innovation is inevitable.

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